Our mission here at My Christ Connection is to help people find and follow Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome. Learn how to become empowered for godly living with the solid foundation of the Bible.”—Richard & Karen Dalton, Co-Founders.

On MyChristConnection.com you will find; videos of personal testimonies (miracles), devotionals, prayer, bible teachings of the Truth of Christ as the son of God as it is written in the Bible. With its global reach, you too can become “connected to Christ”. 
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Without Christ we have nothing, through Him we have eternal everlasting life. We are writing to help you in your quest for God. With topics such as: What is Salvation?, What are the 10 Commandments from God?Why do I need God?Prayer to accept Jesus. Read MCC’s Blog Devotionals

We want to help you find the answers to your questions about God and Jesus. Also to help you find your permanent home in heaven through accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Please contact us and let us know of any spiritual topics of your concern.

Children's Ministry

Helping Our Children’s Ministry

We are a non-profit organization. Let’s join hands together to bring a better future for our children in the Philippines who want to grow more in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and create a great impact into the next generation.

Shop at My Christ Connection Ebay Store. All the proceeds go to the Children’s Ministry.