My Christ Connection Children’s Ministry is located in the Philippines and has been led by Car Lo Abbago since 2011, consisting of 150 children (and growing) who are in much need. Our goal is to help these children grow spiritually by providing them the resources they need, location’s for Ministry, food, materials, and much more. Filipino Children’s Ministry! Every cent, donation, and gift is a tool for this outreach. We appreciate any and all opportunities to partner within this mission. USA headquarters is located in Raymore/Belton, Missouri. #childrensministry #christiancharity #mychristconnection

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Orphan Statistics in the Philippines: 1.8 million children in the Philippines are orphans or have lost one parent. More than one in 10 Filipino children between ages 5 and 14 are engaged in child labor.

Why are there so many orphans in the Philippines? The Rural Poverty Portal reports that half of the poor in the Philippines live in rural areas. … There is little doubt that poverty creates a culture for the creation of orphans. Many parents living in poverty are unable to care for their children as they cannot afford food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education.

God loves children. He wants them to be a part of His Kingdom. Just as a shepherd is concerned enough about one lost sheep to go search the hills for it, so God is concerned about every human being he has created (He is “not wanting anyone to perish,” 2 Peter 3:9).


  • Food, Water & Shelter for needy children & their families.
  • Schooling & Educational Supplies.
  • Building Expansion for My Christ Connection Children’s Ministry!

If you would like to send items to the Children’s Ministry Outreach: Please ship any of the items to the this US shipping address:
My Christ Connection
8426 Clint Dr Suite 172
Belton, MO 64012

There are three ways to donate to the Children’s Ministry Philippines:
1) Donate money online.
2) Order products on MCC’s Ebay Store. the proceeds go to assist the Children’s Ministry.
3) Ship the specified products direct to USA headquarters in Belton. We will ship direct to Children’s Ministry Philippines once a month. Deadline to receive product gifts at Belton address before the 15th of each month!

Children are future parents, whatever they will learn and do today will impact the next generation.  There are only two of those impacts-the great and the destructive impact. 

How we are going to start our decision to create an impact on our generation? Through these children and extend God’s plan (by way of our lives) to all His creation.  

Let us not cut the chain. God started it through Abraham (Genesis 18:19) continuously flowing through the heart of Jesus (Matthew 19:14),  from the Old, down to the New Testament.  

God is in His serious business of including them as one of His greatest priorities, to be taught by us about His love (Deuteronomy 4:9-10) and failure to do that, would simply mean  missing out God’s revelation about them in Matthew 18:3.  

Jesus warned the disciples about two ways to cause “little ones” to sin: tempting them and neglecting or demeaning them. God holds parents and other adults accountable for how they affect these little ones’ ability to trust. Jesus warned anyone who turns little children away from faith will receive severe punishment. 

Matthew 18:6, But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Growing Jesus

Our concern for children must match God’s treatment of them.  As leaders, we are to help young people or new believers avoid anything or anyone that could cause them to  stumble in their faith and lead them to sin.  

Children are trusting by nature. They trust adults, and through that trust, their capacity to trust God grows.  Their being humble and dependent on adults make us remember how God wants us to be humble and  dependent on Him always.  Opening the door of the church for them and letting them know more about Jesus is welcoming God. Jesus said:  “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” Matthew 18:5.

Let us teach the children about Jesus and let them experience Him. Let us provide them the greatest lesson of all time and the best experience that they could have in their entire life- the experience of God. 

We must never take lightly the spiritual education and protection of the young in age and in the faith. Being with children is also being taught about how God wants us to behave (Matthew 18:3-4) when we are being taught by Him of His WORD.  

Click here to download MCC’s Children’s Ministry Brochure.