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Children's Ministry

My Christ Connection Ministry was founded in 2011, beginning in the Philippines with our Children’s Ministry. USA headquarters is located in Belton, Missouri. With a sincere desire to help others come to know Him (Christ Jesus) as their Lord and Savior. 

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Richard and Karen Dalton
Richard & Karen Dalton

Our mission here at My Christ Connection is to help people find and follow Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome. Learn how to become empowered for godly living with the solid foundation of the Bible.”—Richard & Karen Dalton, Co-Founders.

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On My Christ Connection you will find; Videos of personal testimonies, blog of Bible teachings of the Truth of Christ as the son of God as it is written in The Bible. With its Global reach, you too can become “connected to Christ”.  Sign up to receive our newsletters!

We are here to help you connect to Christ’s love, and help you find a permanent home in Heaven. Please call 816-315-7864, or email info@mychristconnection.com

In Christ’s Love,
Richard Dalton and Karen Dalton – Co-Founders.
Carlo Abaggo – Christian Teacher and Leader of The Children’s Ministry Philippines.
Karen Scott – Publisher, Marketing Director.

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My Christ Connection –Children’s Ministry is located in the Philippines and has been led by Car Lo Abbago, consisting of 150 children (and growing) who are in much need. Our goal is to help these children grow spiritually by providing them the resources they need, location’s for Ministry, food, materials, and much more.

Children's Ministry

Every cent, donation, and gift is a tool for this outreach. We appreciate any and all opportunities to partner within this mission.

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