We are Christians and this is our covenant:

The Lord Jesus Christ is our guide in seeking the truth. 

In His wisdom we shall dwell. 

His love is our ruler and in His light we will walk in confidence. 

The vow we utter in His Name shall be remembered. 

By His Holy Spirit, every evil work shall flee; only those works that are consecrated in His Name will last.

He is our salvation and in His presence, our Joy is completed. 

His peace is our comfort and in His commands, we shall obey. 

His joy is our pursuit and in His works we shall see His glory.

He opens our eyes, ears, mind and heart to the realm of His truth, compassion and that His love will be our guide to see the difference between evil and good; for what we desire is to dwell in His presence and serve Him with NO RESERVATION AND NO RETREAT. 

We SURRENDER NOT OF THIS CALLING but we SURRENDER OURSELVES IN SERVICE OF HIM for we see His glory as our ultimate trophy and we rejoice in the finished victory because He is with us.

Though our heart and our flesh may fail, He is our portion forever. 

He is greater than anything in this world for His word became flesh and dwelt among us.

In all of these, our life is fixed in the eyes of faith. 

There will be nothing of this world that may sway us for we seek His face in the morning,  we pursue His holiness as one ultimate thing that no one can steal and we end our day with thanksgiving and praise. 

We never slumber for He gave us the power to see this world as a battlefield and we shall be vigilant.

He gave us a mind of a warrior and hand of a conqueror and we represent His Name with boldness and truth. 

Our life is for Him, we are for Him, we belong to Him and we love Him.

He holds our future and this journey of faith is what we can offer Him.

We seek His wisdom and bring Him glory in all we do, we will live and see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

We fight the good fight of faith and are victorious in everything we do!

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