My Christ Connection Children’s Ministry is located in the Philippines and has been led by Car Lo Abbago for over Nine years, consisting of 150 children (and growing) who are in much need. Our goal is to help these children grow spiritually by providing them the resources they need, location’s for Ministry, food, materials, and much more. Every cent, donation, and gift is a tool for this outreach.

We appreciate any and all opportunities to partner within this mission. USA headquarters is located in Belton, Missouri. #childrensministry #christiancharity #mychristconnection

MCCCM: God loves children. He wants them to be a part of His Kingdom. Just as a shepherd is concerned enough about one lost sheep to go search the hills for it, so God is concerned about every human being he has created (He is “not wanting anyone to perish,” 2 Peter 3:9).

Contact us with any questions you may have. In Christ’s Love, from the Team at My Christ Connection.