Life’s interruptions are opportunities to trust the Lord and see Him work.

Numbers 22:15-35

A whistle gets our attention quickly, wouldn’t you agree? It’s used to control unruly behavior, signal the start or finish of an event, or interrupt action. Have you ever considered that God has a “whistle”? It’s not one we hear with our ears, but it’s effective in getting our attention and redirecting our life. 

In today’s passage, God used a donkey as His “whistle” to redirect Balaam, but the man was oblivious until his animal spoke. Although you won’t hear a talking donkey, God still has His ways of getting your attention. 

Sometimes He uses a restless spirit or some vague dissatisfaction with one’s life. At other times, it may be a Scripture passage or something a person says that causes us to pause. God’s “whistles” come in many forms—illness, financial reversals, tragedies, disappointments, loss, difficulties, or failures.  

Whatever situation the Lord uses, our response should be to quickly seek Him in prayer. He deserves our undivided attention, but too often we get preoccupied with our circumstances and fail to recognize them for what they are. The next time the Lord interrupts your life in any way, let the situation prompt you to turn to Him and seek His guidance.

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