My prayer is, “Renew a right spirit within me, O Lord.” I desire for You to “rebuild, repair, restore, revive, renovate, or regenerate” as Webster states the meaning of renew.

PSALM 51:10

Here is a fragment of a verse which will bring you friends, health, happiness, and success. It can improve your disposition.

The word disposition refers to the manner in which you are disposed to react to situations and people. If your automatic emotional reaction is irritable, crabby, selfish, haughty, it impairs or even destroys your relationships.

The quality of your disposition depends upon your inner spirit. This Thought Conditioner, by the use of the word “renew,” implies that when you were created, you had a good disposition.

If you have allowed it to deteriorate, Almighty God, who created you, can re-create and renew in you the fine balance, the controlled spirit. He can restore that vital factor in a good disposition, inner quiet control.

Let no day pass after today that you do not say many times, “Renew a right spirit within me.”

Source: Guidepost’s “Thought Conditioners”.